Monday, November 15, 2010

Google SEO Update November 2010 :Google Instant Preview

Many of us have already noticed the new Google Instant Preview feature on Google search engine results page.
Its a simple addition to the Google Instant makeover, where you get to see the preview of a website, while hovering the mouse over a search result.

It is the next step in bringing value to Google’s “Instant” game where the search engine result page forms the dashboard to a lot of things that would’ve otherwise been available only with two or three clicks. Users can now get more clarity on the search results, and make a decision on which page to visit with with all possible data including thumbnails, snippets etc.

So what is the impact on traffic ?

Would this mean that people will get more selective and avoid clicking on “possible matches” and only zero in on the right website ? Or would it not make any difference at all ?
I’m inclined to believe that it will affect only those users who’re very selective about clicking on search engine results. For the bigger chunk of users, its an addition, but not necessarily a filter that will keep them away from clicking on more results. What do you think ?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Google Instant Impact on SEO

What is Google Instant :

Google Instant is the latest Google search technique to improve the search experience of Google Search Engine users by showing instant search results dynamically as the Google user types keywords. If you want to search for “World News Events”, when you type “World” results in Google are fetched faster than ever before for that single word keyword, completing the “News” part of your search, shows new search results for “World News”, and finally completing “World News Events” will show new results from the entire search phrase that the user typed.

Google Instant Impact on Impressions

Google instant impact on impressions is major. Showing many search results for a fragmented search phrase will introduce new impressions criteria for your website. There are two new ways to count as impressions for your website:

Classical Google Search Impressions : The old way of Google search impressions is by searching for a keyword then clicking search or one of the auto complete keywords list. If your website shows up in the results it will get an impression count.

Partial Keyword Typing Results : When a Google Search Engine User types a partial keyword from a phrase like “World News” then clicks one of the results while having your website listed in the results that the user sees, this will also count as a website impression for your website.

Pausing Search Results while typing the Keyword Phrase : If the Google Search Engine User types a partial keyword and pauses the results for 3 seconds, given that your website shows up with the search results, and the user does not make a click, Google will take that into account as a measuring factor of website impressions.

Google Instant Impact on SEO
From the above information Google Instant Impact on SEO is also major. Google Instant impact on SEO can be categorized into Website Impressions, Website Click Through Rate, and Meta Tags Optimization. To better cover the Google Instant impact on SEO we will break down those categories one by one :

Website Impressions
: With Google instant website impressions will be increased for your website introducing Partial Keyword Typing Results and Pausing Search Results will allow more website impressions in search results by showing dynamic search results while typing partial keywords and complete keyword phrases as well as pausing search results while typing for Google Search Engine users.

Website Click Through Rate
: The impact of Google Instant on website click through rate is summed up in having a lower click through rate since website impressions is increased. This is a negative impact on SEO for Google Instant.

Meta Tags Optimization Impact
: Google Instant will impact long tail targeted keywords in the sense that Google Search Engine will offer its users dynamic search results on short tail keywords first reducing the possibility for the user to continue searching and increasing the likely hood of clicking on a Google Result before completing the long tail keyword. This means you need to optimize your meta tags for long term and short term keywords as well. read below.

Optimize Website for Google Instant

To optimize website for Google Instant there are some steps that you need to have in mind while optimizing a website for Google Search Engine :

Optimize for Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords
: Whenever you want to write meta tags (title and description) for a webpage content make sure that you add short tail keywords and long tail keywords in the title and description as well as the content of your webpage. Targeting short tail and long tail keywords will increase your website impressions throughout the Google Search Process increasing your chances of getting a click for your website.

Appealing Title and Description tags :Google Instant enforces the need to have an appealing title and description tags to catch the Google Search Engine User’s eye while typing their keyword phrase. Having an appealing title tag with an appealing description will increase the website click through rate dramatically neutralizing the increase in website impressions from Google Index.

Conclusion for Google Instant Impact on SEO

Conclusion :Google Instant impact on SEO should be utilized to your website advantage by optimizing short tail keywords and long tail keywords as well as writing appealling titles and descriptions with high quality optimized website content.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How does Google calculate the Page Rank of your webpage?

Every incoming link to your website is a vote for your website according to Google. As many as quality links you get to your website, the chances of increasing Page Rank are more... Only quality links can do this task. Getting one or two quality link per day or 30 to 50 quality links in a month are enough to rank higher and increasing your website Page Rank. As many as quality links you get to your website, your website gets popular and Search Engines will rely in your website as well.
However, Google does not calculate Page Rank of any webpage on the pure count of incoming links to your website. Google robots also analyze the page your link resides on. Link on a page similar to your targeted keyword name is more important to get higher Page Rank and search engine rankings. Google gives higher importance to your webpage if you are doing like that. So, mind this when you are thinking of doing one way link building or reciprocal link building for your website.

At the time of analyzing any linking page, Google looks at the following on page and off page factors:

• Page Rank of linking page
• Link from related website
• Number of outgoing links on that page you are linking to. Do not link to pages having more than 50 links.
• The quality of inbound links directed at the website of the outbound link

So, the quality and quantity both matters in the Google algorithm while calculating Page Rank of any webpage. Keep this in mind while hiring any link building services provider.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Improve Link Popularity & Google Page Rank

Hi Friends, I am back with a new topic, in this post I will talk about Page Rank. Here you will find some useful tips that will help you improving Google Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website. There are many ways you can find online to improve Google Page Rank and Link Popularity but I will only tell you what I prefer to do.

Every one is eager to see his website with higher Google Page Rank but only better quality work can help you improving your website Page Rank. Following are some useful ways I followed to improve Page Rank of website(s):

Directory Submission: Very first step to search engine optimization helping you rank higher and improving your Google Page Rank. To get maximum benefit from directory submission you need to submit your website to high Page Rank directories only and get more approvals. To get more approvals via directory submission you can study my previous post “Tips to get more approvals via directory submissions”. It will help you submitting your website in right way so that you can get more and more approvals, that also will help you increasing your Google Page Rank.

Article Submission: Keep writing informational articles about your services/products you offer and submit them to high Page Rank article directories. Only good articles can get approvals, so mind it before writing and submitting to directories. As many as approvals through article submission you get chances of increasing Page Rank of your website will improve accordingly.

Social BookMarking: Submit your website to popular Social Bookmarking websites. Tell other people about your website and share some knowledge followed by feedbacks of visitors. Keep making new contacts day by day, it will help you getting traffic to your website that also will help you increase Page Rank and Popularity of your website. As many as visits your website gets through Social Bookmarking chances of popularity and high Page Rank are more.

Link Building: As I told you about it in one of my previous posts that it is the best way of increasing Page Rank of any website quickly. I only want to say “Good Link Building, High Page Rank and Bad Link Building, Low Page Rank”. If you are linking to good websites you can get good rewards, if linking to bad ones then sorry your Page Rank may also fall from your previous one. So, Keep it in mind while doing link building for your website. Link to related websites with higher Page Rank you can get. For more knowledge about link building you can read my previous posts.

I hope information I provided in this article will help you increasing Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website.

I wish to get your valuable suggestions and comments to make my blog better and gain more knowledge about the link building.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tips to get approvals via directory submissions.

Hi Friends,

In this article, you will find some useful tips to get more approvals via directory submissions you do. Most of my friends doing directory submissions do not know what they are doing, how much it will help them getting more approvals, and how will it affect the website. As everyone is aware of getting one way links through directory submissions but do you know how can you improve number of one way links you get via directory submissions. Following are some useful tips that can help you while doing directory submissions for your website:

1. Category Selection: Very first step to directory submission is to pick your targeted keyword. It will help you in selecting right category for your website. Go with deepest category whichone is closely related to your website theme. Follow it with all the directories to which you submit your website. As much as your category selection is right, your chances of links approval are more.

2. Meta Tags Writing: Title should have one keyword to which you are targeting and Description of your website should have less keywords means only priority based keywords. Description should be grammatical correct, meaningful and should describe your website not business. The length of Title and Description should be according to Google. Keep your Title up to 70 characters and description up to 200 characters only.

3. Use an unique email address: Avoid using free email ids like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc. Use unique email ids. If possible, use an email id containing your domain name. It helps webmasters of directories to rely on you that you are not a spammer.

4. Manual Directory Submission: Submit your website manually to directories. Do not use any software or automated techniques. Using automated techniques your website may ban or may consider as spam. If you are considered as spam, Not only your chances of link approvals will decrease day by day but also the ranking of your website, so avoid such things.

I hope above mentioned information will help you getting more quality one way links to your website. If you are not doing in the same way, start it from now on. I hope you will get better results. Enjoy reading my Blog and Don’t forget to send me your suggestions, queries via mail or commenting on my articles.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Why rel=”nofollow” link tag is used?

I am back with new topic on rel=”nofollow” link tag. Most of the people don’t know why nofollow tag is used but who know having a little information about it. You can find many explanations online on nofollow tag. Here is one from Wikipedia:

“nofollow tag is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.”

Major search engines except Google ignore this tag. However, do you think this is the only reason to use nofollow tag in any hyperlink? If you think so, you are wrong. If website really wants to prevent search engine spam coming through comments or link submissions, it should stop offering links by such methods but it is not possible because such websites are increasing their keyword density in shade of rel=”nofollow" tag. This process helps such websites to be reliable in eyes of Google. Google thinks that they are doing right by preventing such websites doing spamming through comments and link submission. I hope now you all can understand real use of nofollow tag.

I would like to suggest you all link builders not to do link building with blogs or websites using nofollow tag because it will not help you any more but help them you are linking to. If you are doing so, just wasting your time and making yourself and client fool. It will not help you rank higher in Google any more but can decrease your ranking from previous one.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Link Building : .edu or .gov domain

Hi Friends,
I Hope you all are doing well. I am back with this new post on links from .edu or .gov domain websites. There are a lot of link builders and link building companies offering link building but most of them (approx. 99%) don’t know how to get links from such websites and why such links are important.

Getting links from such websites help our websites to rank higher in search engines along with higher PageRank; it is because Google trusts such websites more than .com, .net & .org domain sites. Following are some effective ways to help us getting links from such websites:

• First of all search for such domain websites with a blog related to your website keyword. To make it easier try the following string in Google: inurl:blog “your website keyword”

Replace .edu with .gov if searching for .gov domains. You will get a lot of such websites with blogs related to your website keyword. Visit blogs and give your valuable comments on them but please mind do not spam because webmasters of such websites will only publish your comment when it is found related and valuable for the post and the link you provide in your comment should have a relation with the word you link to.• The most and effective way to get links from such websites is to help the websites by your services. For example: if you offer web design, web development and seo related services, offer websites to re-design and develop their particular pages if possible entire website free of cost and ask the concern webmaster to offer you a link on the website. I am sure the webmaster can’t say no if you are doing such task.

There are many ways to get such links but I prefer both of these because these are much effective and easier than others. I hope you would like this post. However I would like to know your valuable suggestions and comments over it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Link Building Tips : Link Building through Blog comments

Hi friends, I want to tell you some thing more in link building,there some best link builders uses lots of techniques for permanent links and in link building ,there are many ways of doing link building for a website, one of them is through Blog comments. In this article, I am writing what I feel better about link building through Blog comments. I hope most of the Best Link builders, Top Link Builders , link building professionals know what it is, however I am describing it in my own language.

Blog Comments: Any suggestion or feedback regarding any post on the blog you send which gets live on the blog called blog comment. We do link building through blog comments when comments also contain link of our website. Most of the search engine optimizers think that getting links through comments is good but a few know it is also harmful if done in wrong way. Regarding this, I will suggest you all not to comment on such blogs whoever provides instant activation of comment because such blogs will not only offer you links but also to others who will post any irrelevant information that can be illegal. As you know very well, once comment gets live you get a permanent link mostly. In such cases, once your link is live on a post which contains illegal comment links, will be harmful for your website. So, think before posting a comment on any blog.

If you wish to know my opinion regarding link building through comment posting, I will only say not to try it if you get any instant comment link. Only post a comment on a blog which is totally relevant to your website and reviews comments before posting. If you wish to hire any link building services provider, please ask him/her the way of doing link building through blog comments. Although, If any link building services provider has good knowledge of link building, he/she will never recommend you to go for link building through blog comments because it is not as effective as the link building with websites is.

Hope all the information I provided in this post will help you all thinking to do link building via comment posting, however I wish to get your valuable suggestions and comments to make my blog better and gain more knowledge about the link building. Contact me for any query at