Friday, November 20, 2009

Important things in Link Building

Hi friends, I am here with a new topic on how to start link building that fulfills all quality parameters made by Google. This article will also help you hiring quality link building services provider for your website(s). In this article, you will find what to check when choosing a quality link partner/quality link building services provider for your website(s).
Following are some useful things to research before starting link building services:

Link Age is the age of any website you are linking. Google puts a little restriction or penalty on new websites that had seen in the mid-2004. As many as old the website you are linking to is your chances of ranking higher in search engines are quick and more. Therefore, I would like to suggest you to go for only old website links.

Link Relevancy means links related to your website theme. For example, if your website offers travel related services you should go for other travel related links only.

Google Sandbox is the theory developed by Google to hold all new websites into a “holding area” where they must earn goodwill to come out of it. Whenever your website is on hold by Google your website cannot rank better. To come out of sandbox quickly you need to do link building for your website with relevant and old websites to your industry.

Page Rank is the rank provided by Google according to quality of your webpage. Google values your website pages out of 10 while offering page rank to any page. Getting links from a page with high page rank helps your website to get high page rank quickly.

Link Farm is the Black Hat SEO technique used to build links from the pages having more than 50 links on it. Google never recommend such links. Therefore, avoid such links if you are getting. Such links will not help you ranked higher in search engines.

Serps is the abbreviation of search engine result pages. This is the page where you search for any keyword on search engines. I would like to suggest you to link with the websites that ranked higher on any particular keyword you are targeting. In this process, you do not need to check all the Google guidelines made for building links.

Nofollow is the technique used to exclude any link to be crawled by Google. For vast information on it you can see my last post “Why rel=”nofollow” link tag is used?” You will find all required information regarding this and the reason for not accepting such links using nofollow tag.

Class C IP is a class of internet protocol (IP) provided to any website. Do not link with such websites who have same IP or same Class C IP. To check such IP’s you can use this tool.
I hope all the information I provided in this article will help you getting quality links or hiring ethical link building services provider. However, I am waiting for your kind suggestions and queries regarding this post.
Link Popularity India as a link building India do such link building that offers quality results. Only link building services who offer link building under the guidelines made by Google can produce results.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What is Link Juice ?

Hi friends, it’s been a while to write for my blog. I was a little busy that’s why couldn’t get time to write more. However, I am back with a new topic on Link Juice and the role of it in link building. I hope everybody reading my blog regularly would be aware of what the link building is and why do all we need but do everybody know what is link juice and what is the role of it in link building. Most of my friends doing link building are not aware of link juice but they should. I will describe it in my own language:

Link Juice: I hope everybody knows what the juice is. Suppose, we have 5 litre of juice and we are 5 members to share it equally. The result is that everyone will get 1 litre of juice separately but if you are alone or a few you will get enough. I hope you got the point what I am going to tell you further. Link Juice is almost same as I describe about the distribution of 5 litre juice. In my own words, “Link Juice is the popularity of any page which has to be shared with each external link lying on the page. Linking to a page having few links will improve your page rank and search engine rankings.” Now, I hope you all understand what the Link Juice is.
Role of Link Juice in Link Building: While choosing any website for link exchange or hiring any link building services provider, please confirm that your website will link to a page which will offer you additional link juice so that your website can get better page rank and search engine rankings. For your convenience, following are some terms and conditions which should be followed to get additional link juice:

• Your link should not be added to pages having more than 60-80 external links.
• No more than 30 sponsored or paid links on link page.
• No more than 5-6 Google Ads
• If you wish to do reciprocal link building, try to get links from pages having much PR than yours. Suppose, your link page has PR 3, then you should try to link to PR 4 pages.

For any webmaster, it is not possible to get such links without expertise in link building. For this, you will need to hire an expert link building services provider who can fulfill your entire requirement to help your website ranking higher. Only best link building services can help making your link building campaign successful.

I hope all the information I have provided will help your website rank better along with higher Google Page Rank. However, I wish to get your useful suggestions, queries and comments to make my blog better and gain more and more knowledge.