Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tips to get approvals via directory submissions

Hi Friends,

In this article, you will find some useful tips to get more approvals via directory submissions you do. Most of my friends doing directory submissions do not know what they are doing, how much it will help them getting more approvals, and how will it affect the website. As everyone is aware of getting one way links through directory submissions but do you know how can you improve number of one way links you get via directory submissions. Following are some useful tips that can help you while doing directory submissions for your website:

1. Category Selection : Very first step to directory submission is to pick your targeted keyword and search in It will help you in selecting right category for your website. will show you related categories to your website but only go with deepest one that is closely related to your website theme. Follow it with all the directories to which you submit your website. As much as your category selection is right, your chances of links approval are more.

2. Meta Tags Writing : Title should have one keyword to which you are targeting and Description of your website should have less keywords means only priority based keywords. Description should be grammatical correct, meaningful and should describe your website not business. The length of Title and Description should be according to Google. Keep your Title up to 70 characters and description up to 200 characters only.

3. Use an unique email address : Avoid using free email ids like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail etc. Use unique email ids. If possible, use an email id containing your domain name. It helps webmasters of directories to rely on you that you are not a spammer.

4. Manual Directory Submission : Submit your website manually to directories. Do not use any software or automated techniques. Using automated techniques your website may ban or may consider as spam. If you are considered as spam, Not only your chances of link approvals will decrease day by day but also the ranking of your website, so avoid such things.

I hope above mentioned information will help you getting more quality one way links to your website. If you are not doing in the same way, start it from now on. I hope you will get better results. Enjoy reading my Blog and Don’t forget to send me your suggestions, queries via mail or commenting on my articles.