Monday, November 15, 2010

Google SEO Update November 2010 :Google Instant Preview

Many of us have already noticed the new Google Instant Preview feature on Google search engine results page.
Its a simple addition to the Google Instant makeover, where you get to see the preview of a website, while hovering the mouse over a search result.

It is the next step in bringing value to Google’s “Instant” game where the search engine result page forms the dashboard to a lot of things that would’ve otherwise been available only with two or three clicks. Users can now get more clarity on the search results, and make a decision on which page to visit with with all possible data including thumbnails, snippets etc.

So what is the impact on traffic ?

Would this mean that people will get more selective and avoid clicking on “possible matches” and only zero in on the right website ? Or would it not make any difference at all ?
I’m inclined to believe that it will affect only those users who’re very selective about clicking on search engine results. For the bigger chunk of users, its an addition, but not necessarily a filter that will keep them away from clicking on more results. What do you think ?