Saturday, July 18, 2009

Important Link Building Tips for Freshers

Hi Friends,

In this article, you will find some useful link building tips to make your link building campaign successful. Here, I am writing what I learn in my seo career while doing link building for any campaign. Link Building plays a major role in search engine optimization. According to me, as I did and saw in my career, after doing on page on any website, link building and directory submission both are enough to get higher ranking, page rank and traffic to any website.
To make any link building project successful, you need to keep learning and doing something new to rank higher in search engines. Following are some useful tips you can use accordingly while doing link building:
• When you are provided any project for link building, study website what all about it is.

• Search your competitors with your targeted keyword in Google to which you have to use in link building for any particular website. You will find thousands of websites listed in search engine results but go with only top ten websites. Pick any website and check its back links in Google and Yahoo or alternately use link harvester tool to see maximum back links of any website. You will find many websites linking to that particular website.

• After it, maintain whole data of websites in an excel sheet followed by their webmaster’s ids or it may be a contact form.

• After maintaining data, write a professional mail regarding link exchange but it should not offer spamming at all. In mail, ever start describing yourself followed by your company and services you offer and never disclose your websites to which you are using for link exchange. Just mention your theme for link exchange. If any webmaster is looking for links, he or she will definitely reply to you. In addition, don’t forget to write 1 or 2 lines on against spamming in your mail.• After reply of any webmaster, you can send your link information in reply.

• Main thing to note, Do not use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL etc. If possible, use your company mail id for link exchange. Because most of the mails sent by you to any webmaster go to spam or junk folder than inbox. Therefore, it is just wastage of time. As I found in my career, 50 mails out of 100 directly go to junk or spam folder of webmasters.

• One more thing to note, don’t use link exchange related words in subject line. You can use like “Website Partners”Potential Partnership” etc. Because in most of cases webmasters block mails, containing subject line “link exchange” related.

• This is also a part of spamming, I said in last two paragraphs but it is not if you are using a professional mail format which describes you, your company, and services you offer

• By following all above tips you will get more and more quality links for your websites.
Using such email format, you are not only doing link exchange but also email marketing for your company followed by more and more traffic to your website.