Monday, September 15, 2008

How to do SEO for Blogs?

Optimizing a blog is just like optimizing a website, and optimizing a blog post is just like optimizing a web page. If you follow some simple rules for search engine optimization, your blog can rank much higher than static website pages in the search engine results pages.
Rules to follow to get your posts listed for keywords of your choice

* Use your primary keyword in your blog domain
* Use your primary key phrase in your blog header tags and the title of your posts.
* Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post
* Use your keywords in the anchor text of links
* Make sure search engines can spider your blog easily
* Get backlinks from other blogs or websites
* Update frequently
* Try to stick to the same domain and blog host or system for as long as you continue to publish.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What is Page Rank?

You can't surf for long on the internet without coming across the concept of page rank. In fact if you use a google tool bar like firefox you can see a little widget with pagerank displayed for each page you visit. What is Page Rank?

Why is it important?

The page rank goes from a scale of 0 through to 10. Most new sites start off at 0 and can stay there unless the operator takes some steps to improve it. Article-Gems at the time of writing this article has a page rank of 3, not huge but not bad for being online 3 months. One of the largest article directories ezinearticles has a page rank of 6-7, and not surprisingly Google has a page rank of 10. Page rank is a way google determines how important a web page is in relation to every other page on the internet. It is believe each step up the scale is significantly harder to achieve. The page rank is normally written up as PR0, PR1, PR2, etc. Sometimes it appears as a green bar.

One way to improve your page rank is to have other well ranked pages link into your site. Its like a vote for your site by these other sites. However before you go submitting to every link farm out their note that google will penalize you for these types of links. Quality is more important than quantity. It can get quite complicated. For example even if a PR9 site ranks into yours, this may not be as valuable to your site if that PR9 site has a 1000 links. A PR6 site with just one link to your site might be of more value. The number of pages on the site is also believed to be a contributing factor to page rank as well.

So why is page rank important? Because it is one of the factors Google uses to determine where in their search engine results your page will be featured. Obviously keywords and SEO plays an important role, but if there are two near identical pages in every other aspect the one with the higher page rank will be displayed higher in the search results.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Important things in SEO

SEO is very popular right now. Many website using SEO to get better result in search engine. There are several thing, which important in SEO :

1. Domain Name

Try to use your keyword for your domain. It's may difficult because so many domain name has already sell.

2. Keyword

Research your keyword first before you decide to use it. Try to use keyword that have less competition, but search by many people. You can use Keyword Research Services to get good keyword. You can find it using keyword "keyword research" or "keyword discovery" in search engine.

3. Your Web Site Title

Use your keyword in your website Title, but don't use to many keyword in title.

4. Website Description

Use your keyword in your website Description. This very important, but don't use many keyword, because search engine can consider it as keyword spamming. Your website can be banned by Google if your website break their guidelines.

5. Website Navigation

Google will read your site from top right to bottom left, so place main website navigation after your website Title. Place website navigation like Home, About, Contact in the bottom of your website.

6. Fresh Content

Search Engine like fresh content. Fresh content will make your website get better position in search engine.

7. Original Content

Don't place non original content in your site. Search engine will detect it as duplicated content. That's not good for your site.

8. More Backlink

Submit your site to Web Directory, Blog Directory, and search engine to increase your website Page Rank. Also exchange link with other website.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Link Buiding Importance

SEO also known as search engine optimization has acquired great importance and recognition in recent times. Link building is a very important part in SEO.

Link Building is always beneficial for search engine rankings and traffic to your website from similar websites. Every webmaster wants to build quality links for his respective website. Each webmaster wants to build ties of its respective Web site. But he does not really know the method to be opted for building these links. But it does not really know the method to be chosen for the construction of these links. To address this problem this article Link building ideas has been launched for bringing you the latest information and techniques for building links. To remedy this problem this blog link building ideas has been launched to bring you the latest information and techniques for establishing links. On reading this article you will get a lot of ideas and learn various techniques using which you can build quality links for your website.

Before you start building links…

There are some rules you should to follow when you start building links. There are rules you must follow when you begin to build links.

  • Vary anchor text of your website.
  • Include Keywords in different title. (Other keywords in the title)
  • Link site from different Website - IPs (Important factor for SERP.)
  • Vary the type of site, like blogs, article resources, directories etc.
  • Not get all links from newer sites, and try to get links from older (and trusted) sites as well.
  • Not get links from same location (ie all links from footer etc. ..)
  • Try to get links from relevant content / industry.
  • Should Have PR varied from pages you're linking (If you're getting a lot of PR6 Links that will adversely affect as Google may think, you're purchasing high PR Links.
  • Try to get authority links, like links from news sites etc.
  • Do not try to build hundreds of links quickly.

Link Building plays an important role in search engine ranking of a keyword thats the reason why Link building has a prominent position in search engine optimization of any website.Link building also helps in getting targeted traffic and boost sales.Link Building looks to be an easy part but it is not. Link building appears to be an easy, but it is not. It requires lot of research and analysis before you go for any link building campaign.Research involves the analysis of the link partners website and a search engine sanctions where necessary by the major search engines such as Google.

Generally links are of various types,.In general, the links are of different types. Earlier there was the trend of Reciprocal Links. At the beginning there was the tendency of reciprocal links. Now there is a trend one way of building links. There is now a tendency to build one way links. The most important search engine, 'Google' gives a lot of importance to one way links. The largest search engine "Google" gives great importance to the way links. There are various ways to obtain these kinds of links. There are several ways to get this kind of links. The most commonly used techniques are link bait, 3 way linking, press release, article submissions, directory submissions. The suitability of above link building techniques will depend on the theme and audience of your website. The most common are the bait link, a link to 3 lanes, press release, article submissions, etc. The directory submissions adequacy link above construction techniques depend on the subject and audience of your site Web. So you should definitely read this article useful ideas about link building and can start building Quality links now! So you should really read this article useful link on the construction of ideas and can begin to build bonds of quality! Upon reading this article, you'll get a lot of ideas and learn different techniques you can use to create quality links for your website.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Google Included Hindi In Its Translation Service

TO MAKE Google more acceptable amongst the Hindi speaking population of India, the internet search company has included Hindi in its popular Google translate application, which will allow automated translation between Hindi and English text.
The Google translator is popular for providing translation services to the net users, and its addition of Hindi is much to the delight of Indians. It is worthwhile that there is a huge population in India, which does not understand the Queen’s language, but access the net for gathering information.
Now, users can translate text, web page and issue a query in Hindi in order to obtain the information they desire. The results will also be translated in Hindi and the link for this application is
The most interesting thing is that a user can type Hindi words using a regular keyboard. Suppose, a person wants to type ’america’, he can type it in English and after hitting the space bar, the word amercia is converted to Hindi language.
With the help of this application, Hindu users can also add iGoogle gadget to their homepage. Not only Hindi, but other regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam may also be used easily on the net.
Bloggers might also use this new application to create blogs in select regional languages.

For More Info: Visit Here

Monday, May 5, 2008

SEO - Off Page and On page Techniques For Optimization

Some Off Page and On page optimization techniques

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process, technique to optimize your web page for getting more and more customers or visitors. In SEO several methods are used to get the maximum possible visit and clicks on your pages.It is a perfect way to get good ranking in search engine.

So how important are each of these techniques?

On-page techniques probably account for about 10% of a web pages’ ranking in the search engines, if that, and off-page techniques account for the rest (about 90%).

Off-page Optimization, although easy to do,, or simple really, is time consuming and sometimes laborious. So there are fewer people who master off-page techniques.

So what are these optimization techniques?

Let’s start with the on-page techniques:

1. The first On page technique that you should be using is including your main keywords in your title tag, and your description tag on your website.

2. The second On page technique that you should be using is including your main keywords in your keyword tag, and not stuffing your keyword tag with any other keywords.

3. The third On page technique that you should be using is using your keyword or keyword phrases naturally in the content of the webpage at least once in the first paragraph and at least once in the last paragraph.

4. The fourth On page technique that you should be using is bolding italicizing and including your keyword in at least one heading tag.

And the off-page techniques:

The key here is inbound links. And the key with inbound links is to use a text anchor link that uses the keyword or keyword phrase for which you are optimizing, for your backlink.

1) Exchange links with other web masters

2) Submit your web sites to the various online web directories

3) Write and submit articles including your text anchor link, to the various online article directories.

There are lots of thing in Off page optimization

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Search Engine Work?

The basic concept of search engine optimization is to get more traffic to your website. This is the dream of any website owner, however understanding how it all works?

So look at how search engine work.

1.)Search Engine use software called spider,which come the internet looking for documents and their web addresses.

2.)The documents and web addresses are collected and sent to the search engine indexing software.

3.)The indexing software extracts information from the documents,storing it in a database.The kind of information indexed depends on the particular search engine. Some index every word in a document;other index the document title only.

4.)When you performed a search by entering keywords, the database searched for documents that match.

5.)The Search Engine assembles a web page that lists the result as hypertext links.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


What is Keyword?

A single word typed into a search engine query. Also a single word that accurately describes the contents of a single web page or web site.

What Is Keyword prominence?

Refers to how "high up" on a web page a keyword appears.Prominence is how close to the start of the area that the keyword appears. Generally, if keywords are visible on the first screen on a web page without site visitors having to scroll, the words are said to have high keyword prominence.

What is Keyword Proximity?

Refers to how close keywords are to each other on web pages.In general, the closer the keywords are, the better.

What Is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the relation of a keyword to the other words in a web page element.Keyword density is a combination of the number of times a keyword or a keyword phrase, in proportion with other words, appears on a Web page. For example,the web page title

Why is the right keyword density important?

Some search engines penalize web sites that use the same keyword over and over on their pages toget a high ranking for that keyword ("keyword stuffing"). This might happen by mistake if you overuseyour most important keyword on your pages. To avoid getting banned on search engines, make surethat your web pages have the right keyword density. As mentioned above,

The right keyword density will help you to improve the search engine placement of your site.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to Get Listed In Yahoo

Most websites get into Yahoo by getting spidered from other sites. Meaning if you're already linked from another site or web directory, Yahoo's robots will eventually find you when they update their search index.
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Go to DMOZ directory. This is the Open Directory Project begun by several key players from Netscape. Once your site has been accepted into the Open Directory, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for your site to be listed on Yahoo which also use the Open Directory data.

Another way to get listed in Yahoo is to use their own Add URL form located here

Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Get Listed In Google

Google has always said their main focus is to provide relevant results. The main reason the engine has been so successful is because it gives searchers what they want.

Google is getting more and more selective about who gets in, and the first step is ensuring that your site is full of useful, unique content.After that, work on getting quality, relevant sites to link back to you. These days those two steps are the best ways to find your site in the almighty Google.

1) Get your site listed in The Open Directory -

This is a directory that is managed by volunteers that act as "category editors." To list your site, simply go to the most appropriate category for your web site, then drill down to the relevant subcategory and select the "Add URL" link at the top of that category's page.

2.)If you can convince 1 page rank 5 to link with you, your website will be listed in roughly 3 to 4 days. To get your site listed in less than 24 hours, get 1 website with a page ranking of 6 to link with you. That’s it, no miracles. It works!

3.) Another good way to get Google to index your site is through writing articles and submitting them to the article submission sites. All of the article sites (the good ones at least) allow you to include a section called "About the Author" or "Author Resource". It's here that you can include a link back to your site.

4.) Another way to get listed in Google is to use their own Add URL form located here This method is not as dependable as listing with The Open Directory, but it can get you in. Google admits that they may not add every site, so don't be surprised if this does not work for you.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Importance of Off Page Optimization in SEO...

Off page optimization plays a vital role in getting a higher rankings over major search engines. Off page optimization essentially refers to one very important factor and that is which other websites are linking to your website.Off page Optimization handle number of things off page to improve your search engine ranking and drive targeted visitor traffic to your website. Off page optimization is the continuous process in web site promotion. It's like making online marketing of your web site. In off page optimization you don't require to change anything in web site design or layout.

Some Important parts in off- page optimization -

1.) Link Building - Link building is probably the most important part of off-page optimization.The primary means through which off page optimization is accomplished is through a link building effort. A well developed, managed and maintained link building effort can really increase the revenues and profits that you will be able to enjoy through your Internet business enterprise. Search engines like Google and Yahoo give a lot of importance to how important your web site is.One of the ways they measure this, is to count how many other web site is. One of the ways they measure this, is to count how many other web sites link to your site.If a large number of sites are "mentioning" your site and/or are linking to your site, then it obviously it means you have something worth writing about, and linking to. To get a top page ranking you must get as many websites linking to you as possible.

So, if you are putting up genuine content and the links are genuine, then your page rank will get a big boost over a period of time.

2.) Directory Submissions - The most important, the most obvious and usually the only one people choose to submit their website to a directory is search engine ranking like Yahoo and Google. To effectively promote your website, manual directory submission is one of the most reliable and effective solution. Directory submission procedure is opted by most websites as submitting a website to a directory is the most reliable way to optimize your site. While submitting website to directories, the probability of web site coming in search engines increases as directories naturally rank high in the result page of search engines. A great way to get good one-way links is with directory Submission services.

This includes submitting your site information like Title, URL and Descriptions to the relevant directories. For directory submission you need to frame the title and description by using the proper keywords. You can create different titles and descriptions to submit randomly .

3.) Article - Article can be used to catapult your website into a top 10 listing on the first page of the natural rankings in the search engines. Article submission is free, simple and easy for even a novice. You do not need to have vast knowledge about search engine optimization, html or anything else for article submission.

Article submission is the best method of getting backlinks. You can submit article in hundreds of article submission websites. This is the best way to develop backlinks. Article submission is better than directory submission, because article submission websites are not blacklisted as most directory submission. And most of all, there is not much difference between directory submission and link exchanges.

4.) Press Release - Press release in simple word means an announcement about specific happenings of a company and about the launch of a new product. Press release is slowly and gradually becoming one of the most sought after medium for effectively marketing your products and services online. Online press release is a very different medium as compared to traditional print based press release. For press release submission to be successful, one needs to take care of many things. The first thing is that the press release must be very well written. Press release submission will help your company to become well known due to all the newsworthy information which will be supplied to customers among many other things. From a press release submission we get more traffic for our website which is very beneficial for our website and website promotion.
When all is said and done, press release marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business enterprise. In this regard, you might be well served considering retaining the services of a professional to assist you in developing a meaningful press release marketing plan and campaign.

5.) Blog Submissions - A Blog is similar to a personal website, where you can add whatever information you feel like. Having your own blog will help you to share your ideas and views on particular topic with the whole world.

If you are promoting your web site with the use of a blog, you got to promote your blog as well. Make sure that you create a blog that would attract more attention so that you can achieve the target traffic that you wanted. It is the easiest way of driving traffic as well as the most enjoyable. There are some blog submissions websites like directory submissions websites. We can search those sites by search engines like Google,Yahoo and MSN.

6.) Social Bookmarking - If you want to promote your web site or blog, you can use a social bookmarking site. This has become one of the best promotion tools, and this type of site has useful features that you can use to improve your optimization for search engines

In short, social bookmarking can significantly increase both your traffic and your potential sales. Remember that to be successful, your content has to be a valuable resource and must be worthy of bookmarking and of visiting frequently.

7.) RSS - RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds. These are simple files structured in a specific way. [A type of xml] The XML file is the format used for distributing YOUR news headlines via the Web, which is known as "Syndication". RSS directory submission increases your readership. When a person is looking for newsfeeds to add to their RSS reader, it is highly likely they will visit an RSS directory to find newsfeeds on their subject of interest.

8.) Search engine submission - To get the websites indexed quickly.We used to submit the websites in major search engines (Google,Yahoo,MSN) Search engine submission is only a part of the total ways on how someone can promote a site. To increase the number of visitors on your website and to create intrinsic back links to your website search engine submission can often be an extremely effective way to reach out to all those people you could only wish to reach through your website.

9.) Forums - One of the best ways to get back links is thru the use of the forum. If you are able to publish your message on the forum sites where you are a member, you are given the opportunity to include on the message some of your relevant information such as the company name which you represent, your few personal information such as your name and your e-mail address. You will be given this opportunity when forum masters see your contribution to the forum site as something that is indispensable. In order to continue getting such opportunity, you continue to submit postings that contain relevancy and pertinence.

Some Major Factors in off-page optimization -

1) Anchor Text: This is the text that is hyperlinked to send people to your website. Anchor text MUST contain a few of your main keywords because google uses it to determine your websites relevance to a particular topic.

2) Backlink: If the website that links to you is related to your site then that’s a huge bonus to you. So look for websites that are related to your website's topic.

3.)Page Rank - Search engines assign each web page a Page Rank based on the number and quality of inbound links you have pointing to your website. In order to get your number up you’ll have to get other websites to link to you.

Positive Off Page Optimization Factors:

1) No of inbound links to your website: A higher number of relevant incoming links increases the PR and helps your SERPs.

2)Anchor text of your own link in other websites : Try to get links from website which the anchor text keyword your targeting. If you have a insurance site. ensure that you use the keyword insurance,online insurance.

3)Age of website linking to you: Older the page the better it is for your site. Google give value to old websites rather than new websites which has linked to you.

4)Page rank of the website Linking To You: Try to get links from a higher PR site .Websites with PR:0 or a grey toolbar means that the site is either new or does not have enough credibilty to gain a Page Rank.

PPC and Organic Listing...

PPC - Pay per click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount. Variants include pay for placement and pay for ranking. Pay per click is also sometimes known as Cost per click or CPC.

Organic Listing - An "organic" search engine listing is a free listing of a site, usually found by a search engine's spider and then ranked by relevancy according to the search engine's methodology.

Some related topics to SEO

There are also a number of things you can do "from your web page" to improve the search engine page rank and increase targeted visitor traffic to your site. This is the area known as off-page optimization.

How to get traffic for your site ?

Step 1: Make your web site search engine optimized. Your web site should have a content that is rich in keywords which makes it easy for search engines (Google, Yahoo) to locate your page. A good ranking on a search engine results page will generate traffic on your web site.

Step2: Starting a business blog on your web site will help in generating traffic to your web site.

Step3: Article submission is a great way of generating traffic to your web site. You can write keyword rich articles and submit them to various article directories. Use the resource box of the article to add links to your web site to generate traffic to your web site.

Step4: You can use social networking web sites such as Squidoo and MySpace to generate traffic to your web site.

Step5: You can request high traffic web site to put the links of your web site on them in exchange of their links on yours. You will benefit from the traffic on these web sites.

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