Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Important things in SEO

SEO is very popular right now. Many website using SEO to get better result in search engine. There are several thing, which important in SEO :

1. Domain Name

Try to use your keyword for your domain. It's may difficult because so many domain name has already sell.

2. Keyword

Research your keyword first before you decide to use it. Try to use keyword that have less competition, but search by many people. You can use Keyword Research Services to get good keyword. You can find it using keyword "keyword research" or "keyword discovery" in search engine.

3. Your Web Site Title

Use your keyword in your website Title, but don't use to many keyword in title.

4. Website Description

Use your keyword in your website Description. This very important, but don't use many keyword, because search engine can consider it as keyword spamming. Your website can be banned by Google if your website break their guidelines.

5. Website Navigation

Google will read your site from top right to bottom left, so place main website navigation after your website Title. Place website navigation like Home, About, Contact in the bottom of your website.

6. Fresh Content

Search Engine like fresh content. Fresh content will make your website get better position in search engine.

7. Original Content

Don't place non original content in your site. Search engine will detect it as duplicated content. That's not good for your site.

8. More Backlink

Submit your site to Web Directory, Blog Directory, and search engine to increase your website Page Rank. Also exchange link with other website.