Sunday, June 28, 2009

SEO : 7 Effective techniques

The basic steps to be followed for SEO are same irrespective of it being done by you or being done through an expert. In order to make it more effective it is important to have knowledge in specified area, accepting of the primary SEO perceptions and expertise in executing the SEO procedure.

Step 1 - Set quantified SEO Goals

You need to decide your target in terms of number and types of visitors that you wish to have on your blog or website. This will give you a clear picture to pursue your goal. It is very important to have the goals quantified else the efforts that are put in get wasted. Like if you keep a goal of 1000 to 2000 visitors per day from varied backgrounds it can help you on deciding your strategies accordingly.

Step 2 - Keyword Analysis

The main tool through which any person would try to reach your products is the keyword that he uses. This keyword could be any phrase or related words. It is very important to think of all possible keywords that an individual might use to search for your product/ service.

Step 3 - building the content

The main reason that any customer visits your website under the SEO submission to seek information, so it is most important to have value rich contents available on the web site. It will help you retain existing customers as well as gain new customers.

Step 4 - Website Layout & Design

Overall website and also the individual web page layout should be very attractive and catchy in order to gain attention of both search engines & visitors. Many search engines generally apply automated software termed as "spiders", "bots" or "crawlers" to browse & record your blog or website. The lay out should be made simple and customer friendly such that it is easy to navigate even for new visitors.

Step 5 - Website Testing & Modifications

Once the content, layout is finalized it is time to test the functionality and usability of the web site. It can either be done through professional testers or by any amateur. You require to check if it was simple to find the required option for a visitor, was it time consuming or it happened fast, were the options confusing or user friendly, was the content satisfactory and did it help the visitor as per his expectations. If some shortfalls are observed during this testing the changes may be made accordingly.

Step 6 - Submitting and linking your website

Here you need to identify maximum popular directories, blogs, search engines and other Internet forums which are extensively used by internet users and submit your website to them. Linking to your site with other popular websites that your target audience frequents visit will also help you to gain more customers. The more recognized the site from which your link originates, the better chances of your website being accessed.

Step 7 - Monitor, Report and Improve

This is the last and major step in SEO which leads to continuous improvement and refinements in your website. It is as simple as the subtitle. First monitor the major search engines for your targeted keywords and phrases. Analyze your website statistics and check it against the goals that were set in step 1. If there is some gap then analyze the shortfalls and try to improve your website's SEO performance by way like refining keywords, improving layouts, adding/ modifying content, increasing number of links and increasing website submissions.

Abiding by these 7 Steps in a proper manner will definitely lead you to a highly Effective SEO.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quality Link Building Tips

What is link building?

Link building is the process of increasing link popularity and search engine exposure through many channels including, Link Exchanges, Directory Submission, Newsletters and many more.

There are three types of link building

1. Link Exchanges 2. One Way Link Building3. Three Way Link Building
The most popular and cost effective link building technique is exchanging links with different and theme related websites. One way link building is very costly which is usually obtained through paid inclusions. Three ways link building involves lots of work and is time consuming process in which there will be three domain names which will participate to get one way link to each other.
Search Engine Rankings usually improves with one way links and it’s more effective than link exchanges as there won’t be links going out from the website and hence the credibility of website does not decrease. Link exchanges are not much effective when compared to one way but plays a vital role and usually they are permanent links, and cost effective because of that it’s more popular than any other link building techniques.

I prefer Link Exchanges when compared to other link building techniques off course when it’s done with quality and effectiveness. I will tell you how it should be done.

Few Guidelines for Reciprocal Link Building:

1. The link partner website should be theme related.2. The links coming from websites should have been online for sometime.3. If the website has good popularity than its perfect. Popularity is now days judged by Page Rank Technique of Google.4. The link partner website should not be banned by search engines.5. Link backs to our websites should not come from more than 3 clicks away.

I prefer doing professional Link building and quality link building within the guidelines of search engines which can fetch me high search engine positioning and obtain a prominent placements.
If you are going to start a link building campaign follow the tips when I have mention and you will get astonishing results. The link building process is simple and cost effective which can reduce your costs on PPC and other promotional methods to get traffic as a result you save huge amount of money.