Monday, August 31, 2009

Link Baiting : Good or Bad

Hi friend, I hope you are reading my Blog regularly and enjoying. I am here with another topic on Link Bait. This is one of the new techniques used to get one way links to your website/blog. Here I will share what I studied to get one way links through Link Baiting. You all will be thinking what the Link Baiting is and how is it good or bad. I will describe each and everything systematically.
What is Link Bait?
Once again, I am describing it in my language; Link Bait is the way of making users to fall in love with your website/blog. Link Bait entices the users to link to your website/blog. It is only possible when information/services you offering are very much attractive and helpful to users. Only informative and useful content can help you making link baiting successful. Link Bait also help your website to be reliable in eyes of search engines just because of one way links you get.

How Good or BadEveryone is thinking of getting one way links without doing more stuff in link building. Some people are using link baiting technique to get one way links but they are only looking for profit but not aware of harmfulness of link baiting. Everybody prefer to get good one way links and don’t want bad ones but if you are getting one way links through link baiting, it is sure that you also will get bad links. Because not every visitor linking to you from his/her website may be an owner of good website, he may be owner of bad one.For example: Suppose I run a blog related to link building and somebody searching for link building related information on internet found my blog good and linked it from his/her website but the website he offered me a link from is an illegal website. You all are aware of harmfulness of any illegal website please think.
Friends, if you still feel link baiting good then you are wrong. I would like to suggest you just one thing don’t waste time thinking about link baiting. Just go for link building or directory submission to get good links because only these can produce good results. While doing link building or directory submission you check all the guidelines made by Google, so that your website only can get profit not penalized whenever website linking to you without your permission you don’t know what it is.

I hope this article will help you all.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Which is best for ranking : Link Building or Content

As everyone is aware of link building and content writing, what these are. Most of the people think content is king, but in what ways don’t know. I also heard that content is king but totally I am not agree with it. Both Link Building and Content Writing have their specific places. You will find its answer here,
Content Writing helps website to tell visitors about your website and It describes services/products of website with a professional edge. Content Writing can only be done when you are fully prepared to write with mastery in grammar on a particular topic. While writing content on any topic, content writers target keywords as per the page topic or service to help website rank higher in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. As everybody knows that content may not be updated after a week/year. Content is updated one time or two times but no more than this. If you are doing such things then you are no more going to rank higher and search engines will not rely on your website too. To keep your website ranked higher in search engines you need to do some stuff on link building.
Link Building helps website to keep ranked higher in search engines for a long time. This process of linking your website to other related websites tells search engines to rely on your website and the result would be better rank for your website. As many as inbound links from popular websites you get chances of ranking higher in search engines will increase.
Content Writing can help you rank higher in search engines but no more than one or two months. To rank higher for a long time keep doing link building. Only link building offers long time business oriented results.
I hope it will help you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Link Building Activites

The original purpose of building links was to promote your web site at other sites and bring in visitors. These days only high quality can bring you targeted visitors.Another is to build links for search engine purposes. So, if you want to attract visitors from the search engines build as many links as possible. Aslo, If your site is not Indexed by the search engines, just build several links, and the job is done.

Link Building is not an easy activity, especially for beginners. These tips will help you build initial links and will give you further references.

Forums : There are many forums that allow links to your site in the member list, signature and/or profile. Find forums that match the topic of your business/site. Check if they allow links, sign in, embed your link, and start posting comments, questions, or answers. Do not spam, it is not polite :) and you can get banned. Focus on a few forums and post regularly.Forum links will not help you much with the search engine rankings but they do have some value. At least you will get indexed and also they can bring some visitors.

Blogs : Open an account at Blogger or WorldPress. Post regularly. If you can write something related to your original site great, if not, write a journal. Comment or ask questions at other blogs that you are interested in or are related to yours. Try to include links in the signature and also be sure that your blog’s profile is public. Do not spam!The value of blog links is not very high, especially the ones embedded in the comments. If you are a beginner they could be helpful.

Ask friends : Friends that own or edit websites will be happy to help you. Just ask them to put your link at their web pages. If you don’t have friends online, then make them! Register an account at MySpace. Make your profile rich, contact other people and make friends.

Link Exchange : Link exchange is relatively easy way to build links. Send an e-mail to related sites and ask them to include your link, most likely they will ask you to link back to them. Some sites practice this and have ready links to embed in your site before you ask them for a reciprocal link. Reciprocal links may not have much value for Search Engines but they could be useful. Exchange links only with related sites and link to 20 or 30 partners. To find link exchange partners type in the search box: “your keywords” + “add

One-Way Links : Since reciprocal links have lesser value, it’s more practical to focus on one-way links. Search Engine Rankings usually improves with one way links and it’s more effective than link exchanges as there won’t be links going out from the website and hence the credibility of website does not decrease.

Review Products and Sites : If you buy a product from review it there. Write something like: "I liked it very much" or something like that. Don’t forget to include your link in the review. See how others are doing that. You could review any products you bought (or not) at ePinions.comReview related sites on Don’t rely only on these sites because reviews carry quality one-way links valuable for search engines. These links can also bring targeted visitors.

Submit and syndicate Articles : This is the easiest way to gain free, high quality links. If you think you can’t write an article just see what and how other people did it. I bet you can do it better. Write an article related to your topic and submit it to Article sites like :, and At the beginning submit your articles manually at as many as possible Article submission sites. Later, you can learn to use automated submission.Writing and syndicating articles is not only great for a Search Engine purposes but also will bring in targeted visitors.

Buy Text Link Ads : Regardless if you are a beginner; if you want to build a successful home based internet business you should seriously consider to buy Text Link Ads for starting. These text links are important primarily for the Search Engines but also will bring you high quality visitors from the sites they are posted on.Buying links will enable you to control the sites that link to you and the Anchor Text of the link (The blue text you see). Both are very important factors for high search engines rankings.

Free Sub Domain hosting : There are many sites that provide free Subdomain Hosting. You could create one or several sites for linking purposes. This activity is similar to blog building. The difference is that you have much more control over the site appearance, its structure, and the links themselves. After you build subdomain site do some or all of the tips above to get indexed by the search engines. If you manage to raise the Page Rank of the pages you would have an excellent linking resource in your hands. Some WhiteHat webmasters would argue that this technique could be abused or considered as spamming, but don’t worry, you can’t harm your original web site. The worst thing you could do is to get the Subdomain banned but only if you exaggerate.

It is not easy to be a beginner. Take it step by step. You don’t have to do everything but remember, the more links the better.