Saturday, October 9, 2010

Google Instant Impact on SEO

What is Google Instant :

Google Instant is the latest Google search technique to improve the search experience of Google Search Engine users by showing instant search results dynamically as the Google user types keywords. If you want to search for “World News Events”, when you type “World” results in Google are fetched faster than ever before for that single word keyword, completing the “News” part of your search, shows new search results for “World News”, and finally completing “World News Events” will show new results from the entire search phrase that the user typed.

Google Instant Impact on Impressions

Google instant impact on impressions is major. Showing many search results for a fragmented search phrase will introduce new impressions criteria for your website. There are two new ways to count as impressions for your website:

Classical Google Search Impressions : The old way of Google search impressions is by searching for a keyword then clicking search or one of the auto complete keywords list. If your website shows up in the results it will get an impression count.

Partial Keyword Typing Results : When a Google Search Engine User types a partial keyword from a phrase like “World News” then clicks one of the results while having your website listed in the results that the user sees, this will also count as a website impression for your website.

Pausing Search Results while typing the Keyword Phrase : If the Google Search Engine User types a partial keyword and pauses the results for 3 seconds, given that your website shows up with the search results, and the user does not make a click, Google will take that into account as a measuring factor of website impressions.

Google Instant Impact on SEO
From the above information Google Instant Impact on SEO is also major. Google Instant impact on SEO can be categorized into Website Impressions, Website Click Through Rate, and Meta Tags Optimization. To better cover the Google Instant impact on SEO we will break down those categories one by one :

Website Impressions
: With Google instant website impressions will be increased for your website introducing Partial Keyword Typing Results and Pausing Search Results will allow more website impressions in search results by showing dynamic search results while typing partial keywords and complete keyword phrases as well as pausing search results while typing for Google Search Engine users.

Website Click Through Rate
: The impact of Google Instant on website click through rate is summed up in having a lower click through rate since website impressions is increased. This is a negative impact on SEO for Google Instant.

Meta Tags Optimization Impact
: Google Instant will impact long tail targeted keywords in the sense that Google Search Engine will offer its users dynamic search results on short tail keywords first reducing the possibility for the user to continue searching and increasing the likely hood of clicking on a Google Result before completing the long tail keyword. This means you need to optimize your meta tags for long term and short term keywords as well. read below.

Optimize Website for Google Instant

To optimize website for Google Instant there are some steps that you need to have in mind while optimizing a website for Google Search Engine :

Optimize for Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords
: Whenever you want to write meta tags (title and description) for a webpage content make sure that you add short tail keywords and long tail keywords in the title and description as well as the content of your webpage. Targeting short tail and long tail keywords will increase your website impressions throughout the Google Search Process increasing your chances of getting a click for your website.

Appealing Title and Description tags :Google Instant enforces the need to have an appealing title and description tags to catch the Google Search Engine User’s eye while typing their keyword phrase. Having an appealing title tag with an appealing description will increase the website click through rate dramatically neutralizing the increase in website impressions from Google Index.

Conclusion for Google Instant Impact on SEO

Conclusion :Google Instant impact on SEO should be utilized to your website advantage by optimizing short tail keywords and long tail keywords as well as writing appealling titles and descriptions with high quality optimized website content.

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