Monday, February 8, 2010

Why rel=”nofollow” link tag is used?

I am back with new topic on rel=”nofollow” link tag. Most of the people don’t know why nofollow tag is used but who know having a little information about it. You can find many explanations online on nofollow tag. Here is one from Wikipedia:

“nofollow tag is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.”

Major search engines except Google ignore this tag. However, do you think this is the only reason to use nofollow tag in any hyperlink? If you think so, you are wrong. If website really wants to prevent search engine spam coming through comments or link submissions, it should stop offering links by such methods but it is not possible because such websites are increasing their keyword density in shade of rel=”nofollow" tag. This process helps such websites to be reliable in eyes of Google. Google thinks that they are doing right by preventing such websites doing spamming through comments and link submission. I hope now you all can understand real use of nofollow tag.

I would like to suggest you all link builders not to do link building with blogs or websites using nofollow tag because it will not help you any more but help them you are linking to. If you are doing so, just wasting your time and making yourself and client fool. It will not help you rank higher in Google any more but can decrease your ranking from previous one.

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