Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Improve Link Popularity & Google Page Rank

Hi Friends, I am back with a new topic, in this post I will talk about Page Rank. Here you will find some useful tips that will help you improving Google Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website. There are many ways you can find online to improve Google Page Rank and Link Popularity but I will only tell you what I prefer to do.

Every one is eager to see his website with higher Google Page Rank but only better quality work can help you improving your website Page Rank. Following are some useful ways I followed to improve Page Rank of website(s):

Directory Submission: Very first step to search engine optimization helping you rank higher and improving your Google Page Rank. To get maximum benefit from directory submission you need to submit your website to high Page Rank directories only and get more approvals. To get more approvals via directory submission you can study my previous post “Tips to get more approvals via directory submissions”. It will help you submitting your website in right way so that you can get more and more approvals, that also will help you increasing your Google Page Rank.

Article Submission: Keep writing informational articles about your services/products you offer and submit them to high Page Rank article directories. Only good articles can get approvals, so mind it before writing and submitting to directories. As many as approvals through article submission you get chances of increasing Page Rank of your website will improve accordingly.

Social BookMarking: Submit your website to popular Social Bookmarking websites. Tell other people about your website and share some knowledge followed by feedbacks of visitors. Keep making new contacts day by day, it will help you getting traffic to your website that also will help you increase Page Rank and Popularity of your website. As many as visits your website gets through Social Bookmarking chances of popularity and high Page Rank are more.

Link Building: As I told you about it in one of my previous posts that it is the best way of increasing Page Rank of any website quickly. I only want to say “Good Link Building, High Page Rank and Bad Link Building, Low Page Rank”. If you are linking to good websites you can get good rewards, if linking to bad ones then sorry your Page Rank may also fall from your previous one. So, Keep it in mind while doing link building for your website. Link to related websites with higher Page Rank you can get. For more knowledge about link building you can read my previous posts.

I hope information I provided in this article will help you increasing Page Rank and Link Popularity of your website.

I wish to get your valuable suggestions and comments to make my blog better and gain more knowledge about the link building.

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